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At Topinka Nunn Dressage, we believe that education is by far the most important element to achieving our goals, not only for our students, but for ourselves as well. We are dedicated to continuing our own education for the benefit of our clients. We enjoy our clients' participation in learning and advancing in the sport of dressage. Our priority is to promote the health and safety of both horse and rider as they strive to reach their full potential. Our motto is to "chip away at it," taking small steps to achieve our ultimate goals.



Topinka Nunn Dressage Welcomes New Working Students

Topinka Nunn Dressage is excited and proud to announce that we have two talented young riders coming to work for us this summer. Both girls completed the exclusive Winter Intensive Training (WIT) program held in Wellington, Florida from January through March 2013. In order to get into the program, participants had to be selected by Lendon Gray. The program consisted of three month of training with Lendon Gray and top trainers from around the world. The program also included two lectures a day held covering topics such as saddle fitting, Adequan and the best way to use it, rehabbing horses and bringing them back to work, and many more. All lectures were given by professionals in the field they were talking about. Topinka Nunn Dressage has chosen two girls from this program to work and ride this year with us. Here is a little about them both:

Seventeen-year-old Allyssia Bryant (pictured above, left) from Livermore Falls, Maine started riding when she was 8 years old. By the time she was 13 she brought her first pony home, a grey Arabian gelding. Through the years they showed in pleasure classes and then in 2010 began competing in small dressage shows. From 2010-2011 they showed sucessfully through 1st level and achevied many year-end awards. In 2012 Allyssia began showing her younger paint horse, Tee, with scores in the 70%s in Intro and Training Level. In 2012 Tee and Allyssia were accepted into Lendon Gray's Winter Intensive Training Program that would take place January-March 2013. While battling some on and off lameness issues with Tee, Allyssia was lucky enough to be offered an opportunity to lease a Dressage4Kids horse indefinitely. She will be bringing the horse with her to Topinka Nunn Dressage to train with Jaime and hopefully show Third Level for the 2013 season. Allyssia's long term goals include showing Young Riders, competing in Florida in 2014, beginning to train young horses, and in the future running her own dressage business.

Grace Gregory (pictured above, right) is a 19 year old dressage rider from Brentwood, Tennessee who is currently competing at Second and Third level. According to Grace, her love of horses and riding began 12 years ago, but she has only been riding dressage since 2009. In 2013, she had the “amazing opportunity” to participate in Lendon Gray's Winter Intensive Training program in Wellington, Florida. The WIT program offered Grace her first in-depth look into the business aspect of the dressage industry. The program inspired her to dream big, to always keep working toward her goals, and to never let any obstacle stand in the way of achieving success.


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Topinka Nunn Dressage Equestrian Summer Program

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